This programme examines the first category of the Code for Sustainable Homes, ‘Energy and Carbon Dioxide Emissions’, which aims to minimise the operational energy used in the home and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The international drive to reduce carbon emissions is discussed, citing the demands of the Kyoto Protocol and the main means by which it is implemented. Home carbon emissions are related to the Code’s level (star) system and to the old EcoHomes system. In the ‘Energy and Carbon Dioxide Emissions’ category, there are nine aspects of the energy consuming functions of homes for which reduced CO2 output and increased Code level ratings are proposed, all of which are addressed in the programme; these are: Dwelling Emission Rate (DER), the building fabric, internal lighting, drying spaces, energy labelled white goods, external lighting, low or zero carbon (LZC) technologies, cycle storage, and the home office.