Energy Efficiency for Asset Managers

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The Climate Change Act 2012 requires carbon reduction of 80% by 2050. Fuel poverty is projected to increase its impact on one in three homes by 2016 (Camco research, March 2012). Forward thinking asset managers are increasingly focusing on energy efficiency in their stock.

Energy Efficiency Training Course Outline

The energy efficiency training course enables attendees to understand the energy efficiency of their housing stock. One key objective is to present those who manage stock with a 4-step process to developing a costed energy efficiency improvement strategy.

This course focuses on:

  • Energy basics
  • Overview of SAP calculation for a single home
  • How to apply the SAP methodology to thousands of homes
  • Effects of typical interventions on average SAP, fuel poverty and carbon emissions for social housing stock
  • Practical tracking tools and methods
  • Planning and funding processes affecting refurbishments
  • Methods to calculate fuel poverty risk
  • Intangible social benefits of fabric efficiency improvements
  • How to tackle other sustainability issues at the same time as energy efficiency

This training is packed full of case studies and bundles of data. Asset managers have left the course equipped to develop a pragmatic costed energy efficiency strategy for their organisation.

The course is for those managing homes including:

  • Asset managers
  • Surveyors
  • Property managers
  • Maintenance officers, managers and directors
  • Heads of property services

In-house options

Sustainable Homes can deliver the energy efficiency for asset manager training course in-house allowing your organisation to save transport and accommodation costs.

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