The (sustainability) Dragons are back

October 12, 2018
Dragons’ Den 2017 Winner Switchee

The Dragons’ Den is one of the highlights of the SHIFT Awards giving housing and sustainability experts the opportunity to pitch their fantastic projects and innovative best practice ideas to the panel of ‘Dragons’, made up of the entire Awards audience of 200 housing and sustainability professionals.

The shortage of high quality genuinely affordable homes is a critical issue facing the housing sector and society as whole.

The complex conjunction of factors – including of robust policy and investment to unambitious building regulations standards – have been widely explored. With ambitious targets to build new homes, why aren’t we building better homes faster?

This year the Dragons will be looking for solutions, actionable projects and ideas, from revolutionary proposals to the most scalable ideas that work and can have a measurable and long lasting impact – ultimately leading to more sustainable homes.

Ahead of the Awards on 8th November, we wanted to give a taster of what to expect by sharing the shortlisted entries for ‘Dragons’ Den -how do we get more sustainable homes build?

Kevin Dean | Forviva Group

The Pitch
SuHousingImpact Tool

Sustainable housing plays a key role in the quality of human life.

In a demanding economic climate, it is important to accurately be able to evaluate social, environmental and financial impacts of housing developments to ensure that as much information as possible is available for strategic decision makers.

SuHousingImpact is a platform within which socio-environmental impact is quantified per scheme. Benefits to individual stakeholders are also mapped out, potentially promoting future financial sustainability with stakeholders who gain.

The tool can also be used to gauge future socio-environmental spillovers wanted by a developer or needed by a specific community.

Rob Hughes | PodPoint

The Pitch
Future proofed homes

With Electric Vehicle uptake growing every day, it is essential to manage the increased load on our local and UK-wide power network. Pod Point have developed ‘Array’, our power load management system. It triples the number of charging sockets we can install on the same limited power.

Why is this important for our sustainable homes? With 60%+ of all charging occurring at home, ‘Array’ is a vital component in providing a viable and convenient top up location whilst you kick back on your sofa after a day on the road.


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If you would like to be inspired further by a wide range of ambitious but replicable projects, book now. But hurry, tickets are on the verge of running out! We hope to see you there.

The SHIFT Awards are on 8th November at The Brewery, London.

Joana Malato

Joana Malato