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SHIFT Awards 2016

Over 230 housing and sustainability professionals came together on the 24th November 2016 in London to celebrate the SHIFT Awards 2016, the sustainability awards for the housing sector. With a key note speech from Shirley Rodrigues, the event championed the outstanding achievements in sustainability.

These awards are timely. Despite regulatory and financial uncertainty in the UK, the historical Paris Agreement reinforced the Government’s commitment to accelerate global action on climate change and the vital role that the housing sector has to play in achieving such ambitious goals. The winners represent the very best in the sector.

shift-awards-2016-bic-strategy-and-management shift-awards-2016-bic-existing-homes shift-awards-2016-bic-offices-and-operations shift-awards-2016-bic-new-build
shift-awards-2016-bic-most-improved shift-awards-2016-retrofit-project shift-awards-2016-lg shift-awards-2016-resident-engagement
shift-awards-2016-supplier shift-awards-2016-best-new-build shift-awards-2016-champion shift-awards-2016-provider
shift-awards-2016-dd-project shift-awards-2016-dd-policy