High quality research on the issues that affect housing, property and the supply chain

Sustainable Homes conducts high level research aimed at influencing policy and the delivery of quality resilient homes and improving the sustainability of the supply chain.

Our research focuses on:

  • carbon emissions, climate action and sustainability within property
  • influences on sustainable behaviors
  • business approaches to resource, energy and water efficiency
  • macro level sector action around sustainability

We work with leading UK research institutions and major multi-tenure landlords to bring specialist insight to some of the most difficult housing problems through national studies and bespoke research projects.

You can find our most recent research projects below. If you would like to discuss research opportunities either at a macro or micro level get in touch.

Responsible retrofit: rethinking quality

Responsible retrofit: rethinking quality

The study looked at the housing sector and supply chain’s response to the challenges of funding, quality and the uncertain policy landscape in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster. 


  • The study strengthens the case for a more responsible approach to
    retrofit in housing
  • Skills, specification design and procurement, “value for money” and building regulations identified identified as major issues
  • Research sponsored by Soltherm External Insulations Ltd

Click here to read more and download the white paper

The Review: Safe as Houses

Safe as houses: sustainability of the social housing sector This report looked at the main sustainability issues in housing and… Read more

Damp and mould research

Over the winter 2016/17 we are conducting research in to damp, mould and condensation. By examining the risk factors for… Read more

Touching the Voids

The research examined data from over 500,000 homes, looking at the impact of energy efficient homes on the bottom lines of social landlords.

National Energy Study Two

Building on the findings of the first National Energy Study (NES 1), Sustainable Homes’ second National Energy Study (NES 2) evaluates real energy use from over 520 homes over the period of the 2014/15 winter. The homes were spread across the country. The findings have implications for landlords, asset managers, those commissioning installations of boilers or other energy efficiency measures, energy efficiency advisors, housing staff and those working on fuel poverty.

National Energy Study One – part two

Report PART TWO: Further understanding energy use in the home. Sustainable Homes carried out a major study – the National Energy Study (NES) – involving 500 homes, looking at ways to encourage residents to change energy use behaviours. Fourteen housing associations from across the country took part in the winter of 2013-14.

National Energy Study One – part one

Report PART ONE: The effects of feedback on domestic energy use in the home. Sustainable Homes’ National Energy Study (NES) was a major study involving 500 homes, looking at ways to encourage residents to change energy behaviours. Homes from fourteen housing associations across England took part in the winter of 2013-14.

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