NES_-_part_2_V1Report PART TWO: Further understanding energy use in the home

Sustainable Homes carried out a major study – the National Energy Study (NES) – involving 500 homes, looking at ways to encourage residents to change energy use behaviours. Fourteen housing associations from across the country took part in the winter of 2013-14.

Part One of the study found that:

  • regular feedback on their energy use, helped residents to make savings
  • those that received the most encouraging feedback also made the greatest savings – upto £80/ year

There are many variables which contribute to how energy is used in the home. Part Two of the report examines attitudes, demographics and energy use of three hundred participants in the National Energy Study.

The findings included interesting elements about who people trust most to provide energy advice and which energy saving behaviours are being taken up.

To download part two of the report, and gain access to part one (if you don’t already have it), click below.

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