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go-offsite launch

go-offsite will be launched at The Offsite Construction Show on 12 October at ExCel, London – offsite’s very own dedicated event, of which day 2 (12th October) will focus on housing.

To register to go-offsite workshop on 12 October at 14:00 please click here.

Offsite – a silent revolution?

Offsite construction is increasingly being hailed as a potential solution to the “broken housing market” as outlined in the Housing White Paper. The speed of construction, reduced labour requirements and potential energy and resource savings present some clear benefits for a sector that is facing unprecedented demands on quantity and quality of housing. However uptake is understandably tentative and gradual, particularly among social housing providers.

Sustainable Homes believes modern methods of construction can deliver substantial environmental and economic benefits, but only if all players in the market work diligently to ensure rigorous processes on both supply-side and procurement. Our experience shows that the shortage of information about offsite, namely types, processes and suppliers, is the main factor inhibiting uptake. Whilst manufacturers and others in the supply-chain are investing millions in capacity-building, we need to ensure that the market is upskilled, knowledgeable and receptive to the transitions required in order to reap the benefits of a higher performing housing market.

A portal to connect housing providers with offsite providers

Sustainable Homes has partnered with BuildOffsite to develop go-offsite, an online portal designed to help social landlords and other development teams navigate the offsite manufacturing process. Go-offsite has two key components:

  • A developer-friendly technical guide to take developers through the offsite process from pre-planning to completion;
  • Three searchable directories of manufacturers, contractors and professionals, which will increase ease of procurement by providing standardised matrices to compare systems, standards and expertise.

Why is go-offsite different from other directories?

At Sustainable Homes we understand housing and in particular, the needs of social landlords. BuildOffsite understands manufacturers and high performance industries. Put the two together and you have a symbiotic approach to supply and procurement which can bridge the credibility gap, reduce risk and drive excellence in the housing sector. Go-offsite simplifies the procurement process by connecting clients with suppliers matching their project needs – using essential filters like site location, output capacity or system, with advanced filters on other tailored criteria.

The directory will raise the profile of offsite providers, by making their details readily available to housing procurers across the UK and more importantly to a specific target audience: social landlords whom they can cater to. Suppliers featured in the directory will have a tailored page with essential, searchable data based on their expertise in systems and services to assist developers finding the most relevant partners. SHIFT landlords managing over 1 million homes will have unlimited free access to the portal and all other UK developers will be able to subscribe for a small annual fee.

We intend to go further. Listed manufacturers will be encouraged to provide post-occupancy evaluation data (which Sustainable Homes can undertake) to elevate their performance from self-certified to validated as-built. We will be launching a full sustainability performance accreditation for offsite housing in due course and this will provide the top level of assurance to developers that the suppliers meet the highest standards. This is hoped to create a PQQ level to further accelerate the uptake of new suppliers.

go-offsite will feature most offsite housing manufacturers, contractors and professionals in 2017 and all major procurers by 2018. 


Sustainable Homes will curate seminars, webinars and other expert content to continually engage and inform developers about the benefits of offsite housing. You can be involved in these events and engage directly with your target audience.

Additionally Sustainable Homes can offer Post-Occupancy Evaluation, leading to a fully audited verification of your organisation and its products/services. This validation will further elevate your brand’s perception in this emerging sector.

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Want to know more?

To sign up to go-offsite or to discuss in more detail please get in touch with Cecily Church on or 020 8973 0429


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