Sustainable Homes has been delivering training on sustainability to the housing sector for over 15 years

Sustainable Homes is committed to delivering high quality training to up-skill the housing sector.

Our training courses can accommodate different learning styles and organisational needs, with the option of open or in-house interactive sessions, elearning and bespoke participative workshops.

Our trainers are fully qualified and accredited, including Chartered Environmentalist- Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and the National Home Energy Rating (NHER).


We provide a variety of in-house options from short interactive events and workshops on sustainability to accredited and recognised structured training aimed at managers, fronline staff and residents.

Featured Courses:

  • Energy Efficiency for Asset Managers
  • Fuel poverty reduction for front-line staff
  • Measuring Environmental Performance
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The Sustainable Homes Academy provides bespoke elearning modules to landlords to train up staff on a range of topics to meet your training needs in a cost and time efficient way.

Featured Courses:

  • Reducing fuel poverty
  • Understanding the energy efficiency of your homes
  • Reducing office environmental impact
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