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Landlords set out steps to improve efficiency & reduce impacts

February 23, 2016 | Sustainable Homes
The recent climate change agreement in Paris has shown a world appetite for reducing impacts and operating more sustainably. Landlords in the UK have for some time, led on sustainability, reducing emissions and installation of renewables.  Hastoe Housing Association has created this infographic summarising their main accomplishments in several areas of their operations. Their SHIFT accreditation is helping to measure and improve their energy and water efficiency and community engagement. They are now one of the greenest landlords in the UK (hoorah).   We thought a summary explaining some of their work might be of interest.   

Innovative heat scheme for 500 London homes – first in Europe

June 16, 2014 | Sustainable Homes
In the light of increasing fuel bills and drastic impacts of climate change, which are likely to affect most of us in some way during our lifetimes, we need innovative approaches to create a more secure, cost-effective and sustainable heat and power supply. 

Simple steps for landlords to reduce fuel poverty and improve the asset value of homes

January 10, 2014 | Sustainable Homes
The National Housing Maintenance Forum asked Sustainable Homes to present at their annual conference as they were keen to include sustainability in their advice to members. They also asked us to contribute to their bulletin. Here’s part 2 of what we wrote (part 1 can be found here and covers energy and water), covering climate change, waste and ecology: