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Why go-offsite?

October 9, 2017 | Sarah Daly
Sarah Daly Sarah Daly, Director of Strategic Sustainability & Partnerships explains why the new housing market needs go-offsite portal and… Read more

Are we “boiled” for choice?

August 3, 2017 | Richard Lupo
A new analysis of historical boiler repair and replace decisions has revealed which make of boiler costs the least to… Read more

Upgrading environmental accreditation

January 27, 2017 | Bevan Jones
SHIFT is the leading accreditation for the housing sector. It has had an impact on improving environmental performance and over… Read more

Four observations on social landlords and technology

March 16, 2016 | Sustainable Homes
In the world of social housing, ‘technology’ and ‘innovation’ are too often only associated with things like data management and customer interfaces – in other words, Information Technology. But there is a world of possibility out there. Tom Jarman of your Homes Newcastle, and John Stapleton of Sustainable Homes, identified four areas where social landlords could consider it differently.

Delivering quality and cost effective new build homes

February 9, 2016 | Sustainable Homes
Now more than ever we need to be building new homes. The UK Government has set the ambitious target to build one million homes by 2020, this means building a minimum of 250,000 new homes per year; an uplift of over 100,000 homes. This represents a huge challenge for the sector.

5 big sustainable building solutions to watch for this year

August 13, 2015 | Sustainable Homes
With our planet’s natural resources depleting and energy costs rapidly rising, the demand for sustainable building solutions grows every day. This year is slated to be a huge year for sustainable technology, with many major releases. Here are five sustainable building solutions to watch for in 2015.

New £5bn ‘green energy bond’ to kickstart retrofit

March 2, 2015 | Sustainable Homes
Most people agree that getting the UK’s housing up to scratch is a daunting prospect – retrofitting every home in the UK to 95% less carbon is a massive job that has barely begun. In fact, at current rates of progress we need to refurbish over 13,000 a week to meet our carbon targets.
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