A brave new world for housing

October 20, 2016


Last week in Manchester proved to be a Brave New World all round. It was my first conference  as Managing Director of Sustainable Homes, there were lots of new faces present and we brought lots of different insight and examples for people to chew over. Attendees also got some homework for the first time!

The conference aimed to reveal how landlords could make savings using sustainability and sustainable methods; how landlords could gain efficiencies; and which pots were available for landlords to exploit.

Personally I found the day very enjoyable. Steve Cole from the National Housing Federation got everything off to an exciting start getting attendees up to date on the latest policy and a look ahead to what is coming next. Our SHIFT landlords AmicusHorizon and Broadland gave excellent case study presentations with real statistics about the difference taking a sustainable approach has made to their organisations. We had different speakers too, with Matt James from Capita outlining what housing associations need to be doing to prepare for an uncertain world. Gearoid Lane from Agility Eco gave a reality check to those trying to implement sustainability projects.  It also felt like there was a lot of networking and people went away with tangible things they can do to improve the finances or their organisations.

What was interesting was what came out from those who attended. SHIFT landlords want better quality case studies and more tangible actions and solutions to take forward. They want insights in to funding; and advice on how to get buy-in from policy and policy-makers. We also found that very few of you are prepared for water market reform – the opportunity to switch business water supplier and save your organisation thousands of pounds for very small investment.

It really marked the type of event we would like to bring to you from now on – informative, practical and interesting. We want all attendees to get as much as they can out of a day spent with Sustainable Homes. We look forward to seeing at our future events.

Bevan Jones

Bevan Jones

Bevan is the managing director of Sustainable Homes. Bevan's areas of expertise are: Climate change adaptation | Climate change and business planning | Sustainable organisations | Carbon management | Sustainability strategy | Consultancy