Westminster’s leading housing provider to Chop residents’ heating bills

June 17, 2014

Westminster’s leading housing provider, CityWest Homes, has pledged to fit a new energy saving device with every boiler installed on their estates over the coming year, in a bid to cut residents’ heating bills. With a portfolio of over 21,000 properties across Westminster, and fuel poverty high on the agenda,  CityWest Homes has been seeking new ways to help  reduce bills for residents.

PRThe Chop-Cloc is the latest innovation to be picked up by the provider. Designed by The Chopping Company, the retrofit device cuts heating bills by up to 30%, without residents having to change their heating habits. “This partnership provides a new way for us to tackle issues which really matter to us. With rising fuel bills causing concern for many of our residents, we’re putting fuel poverty at the top of our list,”comments Peter Armfield, Sustainability Manager, CityWest Homes. Chop-Cloc is fitted to the central heating system and programmes it to cut out for between 15 and 45 minutes in each hour. This makes no difference to how warm the property feels, but creates a big saving on bills, with an average household saving over £120 a year and nearly 600kg of CO2emissions.

“Housing providers urgently need solutions to improve energy efficiency whilst ensuring that residents can afford to stay warm and safe throughout the year,” explains Garry Felgate, Sales Director, The Chopping Company. “ CityWest Homes are leading the way in driving energy efficiency in their properties and we are excited to partner with them to deliver Chop-Clocs across their estates.”Launched in 2013, Chop-Cloc has proven particularly popular with social housing providers, who can achieve half their carbon emissions reduction targets with less than 2% of their allocated budget by investing in ChopCloc as an energy efficiency measure.

The Chop-Cloc is part of the Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT). SHIFT members are some of the largest housing association providers in the country, managing properties for over 2 million residents. CityWest Homes is the first provider in London to commit to fit the device with every new boiler installation. This follows installations by numerous housing associations across the country.


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About CityWest Homes

CityWest Homes is an award winning property services provider based in London.

As Westminster’s leading housing manager, CityWest Homes manage over 21,000 homes, which includes 9,000 leaseholder homes, 12,000 social homes and the communities which they are situated in. Since launching as an ALMO in 2002, the organisation’s dedication to customer service has resulted in an expansion of its offering to the private sector. Services now include a private estate agency and managing an energy facility providing heating to over 3,250 homes and businesses.

About The Chopping Company

The Chopping Company is an innovative British energy efficiency company that takes a different approach to heating control. Its ambition is to make Chopping the default heating and cooling delivery management approach, saving people money, reducing consumption, reducing carbon footprints and creating a real revolution in energy efficiency.

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