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SHIFT is the sustainability standard for the housing sector. It is an independent assessment and accreditation scheme, provided by Sustainable Homes, that demonstrates organisations are delivering against challenging environmental targets.

Achieving SHIFT accreditation is evidence that your organisation is not only committed to improving sustainability but is backing its words with action. Recognised by the HCA and backed by Government, SHIFT accreditation allows you to demonstrate your environmental credentials to local authorities, funders, staff and customers. It also provides an opportunity to compare your performance year-on-year against your peers in the sector, as well as demonstrate improvement.

Find out more about the SHIFT assessment process here.


Why do SHIFT?

Organisations sign up to do SHIFT for a variety of reasons. Achieving SHIFT accreditation allows you to demonstrate your environmental credentials to funders, partners and regulators, and differentiate yourself from your peers. It can help reduce fuel poverty and improve the financial resilience of your customers.

The assessment reports provide you with recommendations for improvement, help you understand where to focus future investment to achieve savings and allow you to compare your performance with your peers. They can even highlight areas where you can make savings.

SHIFT helps you improve the quality of life for your residents and staff through higher quality homes and offices. It also improves the environment for everyone.

Successfully achieving SHIFT accreditation is a brilliant accomplishment, but why not go further? By pushing the organisation to achieve the next level of SHIFT accreditation you can demonstrate to funders, regulators, staff and customers that you are committed to continued improvement and set yourself apart from your peers.

A recent survey revealed that:

  • 100% of accredited organisations would recommend SHIFT to others
  • 90% of accredited organisations say SHIFT has significantly helped improve their reputation
  • on average, accredited organisations say 56% of environmental savings made were attributable to SHIFT

Download the latest report here


Benefits of SHIFT accreditation

Once you have achieved SHIFT accreditation, you will become part of an exclusive network that gets a range of additional benefits from Sustainable Homes:

  • making environmental improvements through SHIFT accreditation saves you costs
  • our exclusive SHIFT events address the latest challenges facing the housing sector with input from leading experts in sustainability, examples of organisations demonstrating best practice and opportunities to network with your peers
  • our lobbying campaigns are developed based on your input and help increase awareness among Government, regulators and the supply chain of ideas that can improve the quality of homes
  • our SHIFT partners, including leading suppliers of products and services in the retrofit and construction sector, provide a range of exclusive offers to SHIFT accredited organisations
  • our training courses, for which accredited organisations receive a discount, are designed to meet different learning styles and organisational needs and are delivered by fully qualified and accredited trainers, through bespoke workshops or e-learning modules
  • our team of experts can provide tailored support and advice, whether you are looking to develop an environmental management system or improve the financial resilience of your tenants by reducing fuel poverty
  • our policy and funding briefings keep you updated on the latest news in the housing sector
  • SHIFT was created with and continues to be steered by SHIFT landlords, who are regularly consulted on the ongoing development of SHIFT

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