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SHIFT is the sustainability standard for the housing sector. Provided by Sustainable Homes, recognised by the HCA and backed by Government, it is an independent assessment and accreditation scheme that demonstrates organisations are delivering against challenging environmental targets.

The SHIFT assessment measures organisations against more than 50 environmental criteria, including CO2 emissions, water use, landfill waste and response to climate change risks. Organisations that are assessed receive SHIFT Commended, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum accreditation, depending on their performance, and a bespoke report with tailored recommendations on how to improve.


Why do SHIFT?

Organisations sign up to do SHIFT for a variety of reasons. Achieving SHIFT accreditation allows you to demonstrate your environmental credentials to funders, partners and regulators, and differentiate yourself from your peers. It can help reduce fuel poverty and improve the financial resilience of your customers.

The assessment reports provide you with recommendations for improvement, help you understand where to focus future investment to achieve savings and allow you to compare your performance with your peers. And of course, SHIFT helps you improve the quality of life of your residents and staff through higher quality homes and offices.

Find out more about why organisations do SHIFT here.


Additional benefits

Organisations that achieve SHIFT accreditation become part of an exclusive network that gets a range of additional benefits from Sustainable Homes, including exclusive events, input to lobbying campaigns, offers from SHIFT partners, discounts for training courses and tailored support and advice.

Click here for more information on the benefits of SHIFT accreditation.

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