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SHIFT enables you to measure, monitor and improve your environmental performance. PLUS you will be able to demonstrate your environmental credentials to stakeholders such as funders and regulators, through formal certification and receipt of one the following awards:

SHIFT Commended award Bronze SHIFT award Silver SHIFT award Gold SHIFT award Platinum SHIFT award

SHIFT will assess your organisation on over 50 different environmental areas, including your performance on CO2 (kg CO2 per meter squared per year) in your offices and housing stock, water usage (litres used per person per day), how well you are adapting to climate change (flooding, overheating and water shortage risk), the percentage of waste from retrofit works you are diverting from landfill. These measurements have been developed over time with the housing sector.

This assessment is about measuring performance through key performance indicators and driving change. Those key performance indicators you will be measured against are the established national government legislated or departmental targets for environmental performance. Your performance is illustrated relative to your peers and recommendations are provided on how you can improve.

Leading organisations share their work and achievements through independent consultation with other members, as well as through attendance at SHIFT national conferences.


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Comprehensively measure and improve your environmental performance

Membership to SHIFT provides your organisation with an array of benefits:

  • Assessment of four areas of your operations: Strategy & management, Office practices, Existing build and New builds, with performance measured against various metrics
  • Development of a framework to measure environmental performance
  • Comprehensive bespoke report with recommendations on how to improve
  • Clear comparison of performance against peers
  • Assistance in reducing fuel poverty
  • Options for improving carbon emissions of operations - both in offices and stock
  • Means of adapting to climate change through flood risk assessment and water efficiency analysis
  • Improving staff and residents well-being with higher quality homes and offices
  • Free places at national events to network and share best practice
  • Opportunities to present leading works at national conferences
  • Access to exclusive offers from corporate partners
  • Discounts on award-winning courses and consultancy services

Award-winning SHIFT events

SHIFT membership entitles members to attend all SHIFT events. The award winning events bring members together with leading experts in the field to share best practice and plan actions. These events are tailored to address current challenges in the sector as well as challenges identified by SHIFT members directly and through the assessment process.

SHIFT awards   SHIFT event, City Hall, London   SHIFT event, Westminster   SHIFT event  

2014 events

 17th February 2014

 Adaptation and climate change (London)

 4th June 2014

 Retrofitting 2014: Retrofitting in today's climate (Manchester)

15th July 2014

 Improving environmental performance: Offices + operations (London)

22nd October/ 4th Nov 2014

 Building to low carbon cost effectively (London & Manchester)

 November 2014

 Homes 2014 - SHIFT awards (London)

What do our clients say?


Andrew Piper,Sustainability Manager, AmicusHorizon

- SHIFT Silver member


“Being a SHIFT member underlines an organisation's commitment to sustainability which is why we were keen to get on board. One of the key benefits is that businesses are able to have their performance independently evaluated. We work hard to limit our impact on the environment and this has been recognised with silver status from SHIFT.”

David Bennett, Chief Executive, Sanctuary Group

- SHIFT Silver member

David Bennett, Chief Exec., Sanctuary webpage edit

Phil Thompson catalyst website edit


“SHIFT has been a really excellent discipline for Catalyst to follow. The comprehensive assessment process has been a valuable tool to help embed sustainability & sustainable practices within the company, from the strategic management level right down to the detailed planning work required to enhance the performance of our stock, both our existing and new homes.

Sustainable Homes have blazed a trail by developing this process & right from our involvement in the very first assessment Catalyst has seen huge benefits from putting our practices under the spotlight and undertaking these assessments. We would highly recommend any RP to consider joining SHIFT to get the benefits of their [Sustainable Homes] considerable expertise in sustainability as well as benefiting from the shared experiences of other SHIFT members.”

Phil Thompson, Head of Development, Catalyst Housing

- SHIFT Gold member

“Climate change is already having a significant impact...and it is vitally important that we all understand our environmental impacts and continually work to improve them. SHIFT does this admirably for the housing sector."
 Robert Napier CBE, Chairman, Homes & Communities Agency

Robert Napier, chairman, HCA

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