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NEW - Building to Low Carbon Cost Effectively Slides
Slides from all the presenters at the London conference on the 22nd October 2014, inculding Zero Carbon Hub and the DCLG


NEW - People Powered Event Presentation Slides
Slides from the People Powered event held at Westminster on 10th October


NEW - National Energy Study: Report 2
A 500+ home study together with the Department of Energy & Climate Change - "Providing advice, changing behaviours: Understanding energy use in the home"

National Energy Study, energy use, behaviour change NEW - National Energy Study: Report 1
A 500+ home study - "A study of the effects of feedback on domestic energy use"
Business case Incorporating adaptation measures in retrofits(web edit) NEW - A guide for Registered Social Landlords 
The Business Case: Incorporating adaptation measures in retrofits
Checklist for retrofits: Measure to incorporate when planning a retrofit, London Climate Change Partnership, Sustainable Homes  NEW- A checklist for retrofits:
Measures to incorporate when planning a retrofit
Housing Standards review - survey findings, Sustainable Homes NEW- Housing standards review - survey report
Survey of over 150 housing professionals on the current housing standards review and their views
LCCP Your Social Housing in a Changing Climate
A detailed case study on how to adapt homes in the face of climate change.
SHIFT Sector Report, THE REVIEW: UK social landlords-environmental performance 2012/13
THE REVIEW: UK social landlords - environmental performance 2012/13

SHIFT environmental benchmarking (SECTOR REPORT)
Resident engagement  Resident engagement case studies, plus...

... publications on developing sustainability strategies/ action plans, Green Deal, Code for Sustainable Homes, Resident engagement, low carbon refurbishments and much more.

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