Government announced fresh details of Green Deal funding…are you ready for it?

June 2, 2011

The Green Deal is a big deal. It is the central plank of Government policy to reduce carbon emissions from homes – and it is looking increasingly viable and imminent. In June we are running two events with the Energy Saving Trust and SHIFT members to help RSLs and LAs prepare.

green dealThe Green Deal will offer energy efficiency improvements to our homes for no upfront cost. For residents this could mean more comfort and better homes at no cost. For landlords this could open multi-million pound opportunities to invest in homes and tackle resident concerns about rising energy prices.

For the doubters, this week the Nick Clegg gave a fresh boost to the Green Deal with the announcement of funding support from the Green Investment Bank (GIB). What is more, the GIB will be operational in less than eleven months – by April 2012.

The Green Investment Bank, using finance from the Government, Clegg announced, will finance initiatives such as home energy efficiency at low interest rates. This move has been seen by many as key to the success of the Green Deal and will support last week’s new Government commitment to a 50% cut in UK emissions by 2025.

How to gear up for the Green Deal

Some landlords and businesses are seeing the Green Deal as real business opportunity. Others are more cautious, but either way they most now recognise that this is going to happen and that they must start to prepare. Local authorities are trying to understand their role.

The Green Deal is planned to go live in late 2012. And with some 27 million homes in the UK, the preparations will need to start today.

We have picked out three key actions that landlords and local authorities can do in the next twelve months to prepare for the Green Deal:

  1. Understand what the Green Deal means!

Organisations are looking for leadership and direction from their staff. What role will you take in the Green Deal? What will your next board report say?

Find out how others are preparing at the upcoming events: “How to finance green homes

Provide your board with a bespoke masterclass and team training to help your organisation make informed decisions. Contact us for more information.

  2.  Understand your homes with detailed carbon analysis

How efficient your homes are now? Which homes would you prioritise? Which measures should you prioritise? How can you tailor your current investment plans to prepare?  

A carbon assessment can answer all these questions.

  3.  Engage your residents

Residents will not support an initiative if they don’t see the benefit. Engage with your residents now to find your champions, spread support and up their knowledge base.

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