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March 24, 2014

Sustainable Homes has been made aware of a new, British invented, energy saving device that is now for sale. It is a new offer so we thought that readers would be interested to know more.

HatchThatchIgloo Environmental have invented a simple yet easy to fit loft hatch insulation product called Hatch Thatch. This product provides both total insulation as well as effective airtightness. Hatch Thatch samples including installation are being offered free of charge to social landlords.

It is well known that gaps (thermal bridging) can significantly impair overall insulation performance. Hence it is crucial to properly insulate and draught proof the loft hatch when planning any energy efficiency improvements. Hatch Thatch also reduces the incidence of interstitial condensation due to its airtightness performance. 

Hatch Thatch is a self-adjusting, versatile and low cost flexible product that can be made to easily fit any size or shape of loft hatch (including those loft hatches that incorporate loft ladders).  It is soft and gentle to touch and can be fitted in just a few minutes.

As well as reducing carbon emissions, Hatch Thatch very importantly reduces tenants’ energy bills. As draughts are eliminated tenants report that they feel cosier and much warmer in their home.

Inventor, Shaun Grimes, commented, “When we have given free samples before, we have found that asset managers come back for more.  Our customers estimate that the Hatch Thatch pays for itself in just a few winter weeks, through fuel bill savings.”

Here’s what other users have said:

George Phillips, Energy Initiatives Officer at Colchester Borough Homes“We have trialled the HatchThatch product and found it to be very good. It definitely saves heat and therefore reduces heating costs. We would ideally like to have a HatchThatch in all our properties.  In this regard we have just placed our first order for this excellent product.”

John Currell, Housing Asset Manager at Brighton and Hove City Council “The Council has instructed our contractors to fit HatchThatch in all properties receiving remedial work and energy efficiency upgrades.”

Debbie Whitfield, Head of Property Services at CHS Group“Following a very successful winter trial we shall install HatchThatch into all of our properties. The feedback from our customers was very good.”

Igloo doesn’t want you to simply take their word for it. They are offering free trials to social landlords, so that they can try them out for themselves and notice the real change.

Due to the invention’s popularity, Igloo are expecting high take up of this offer. So, the first five respondents will get free trials straightaway. All other respondents will be contacted soon afterwards to schedule when samples and installations can take place. Just to highlight, all respondents from social landlords will receive a free sample.

If you are interested in receiving either a sample product or trial simply click the button below and fill in the form.

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