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Sustainable Homes Blog

Keeping you and your residents cool – NHS advice

Posted by Guest author on 01/07/15 09:42

The very young, the elderly and the seriously ill are particularly at risk when the weather is very hot. In particular, very hot weather can make heart and breathing problems worse.

"There is considerable evidence that heatwaves are dangerous and can kill," says Graham Bickler of Public Health England. In August 2003, temperatures hit 38ºC (101ºF) during a nine-day heatwave, the highest recorded in the UK.  "In the 2003 heatwave, there were 2,000 to 3,000 excess deaths [more than usual] in England. Across Europe, there were around 30,000 excess deaths."

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Topics: Retrofit, Overheating, Climate change

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Reaches 33,000 Homes

Posted by Guest author on 30/06/15 09:35

The domestic funding stream of the government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme has paid out in excess of £20 million in its first year of operation, according to Ofgem. When it first came about, the RHI scheme was mostly aimed at commercial buildings. However, from April 2014 the programme was extended to customers across England, Scotland and Wales who wanted to fit eligible renewable heating technologies in their homes.

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Topics: Retrofit, Insulation, Renewable energy & heating, Energy

Analysis shows Right to Buy to hit rural communities particularly hard

Posted by Guest author on 24/06/15 15:27

The Conservative party manifesto pledge was to offer 1 million people the Right to Buy their social housing homes. Government seem committed to this policy. There are significant ramifications for our sector.

Sue Chalkley OBE, chief executive of SHIFT landlord Hastoe Housing Association, has spent some time considering the impact on rural communities. Here we bring you her thoughts on the topic.

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Topics: SHIFT accredited organisation, Regulations, Residents, Housing, Government, Social housing - Right to Buy

Sector discusses retrofit finance and drivers to reduce fuel poverty

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 21/06/15 07:30

Social landlords remain best placed to cut fuel poverty and help the government deliver more energy-efficient homes for the lowest cost.

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Topics: Retrofit, SHIFT, SHIFT accredited organisation, National Retrofitting Conference, Funding, Regulations

Tackling overheating in homes: The big picture - New Findings

Posted by Begum Bidik Nash on 15/06/15 15:10

New homes are being built and retrofitted to meet higher thermal efficiency standard. These include improved air-tightness and fabric insulation, which can increase the risk of overheating if steps are not taken alongside this to enable excess heat to be easily removed. Moreover, the expected increase in the frequency of heat waves and future rises in average external temperatures as result of climate change are likely to drive more cases of overheating in our homes.

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Topics: Retrofit, Social housing, Overheating, New build, Housing, Energy efficiency

Overheating, flood risk, carbon – new figures on landlord impacts

Posted by Sustainable Homes on 15/06/15 07:30

New research was published last week on the work registered social landlords are doing to improve their environmental performance. Environmental benchmarking is improving processes and helping to save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions and millions of cubic meters of water, as well as improving the homes and lives of residents.

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Topics: Registered Social Landlords, Social housing, SHIFT, Overheating, Flooding, Environment, Carbon emissions

Report: New research on environmental performance of UK landlords

Posted by Emma Jones on 12/06/15 12:00

On Wednesday, THE REVIEW: UK social landlords – environmental performance 2014/15, was launched at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in Westminster. The report summarises the key findings from the last round of assessments that accredited landlords have undergone and the progress they have made on various environmental performance measures, from the energy efficiency of homes through to flood and overheating risks and resident engagement.

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Topics: SHIFT, SHIFT accredited organisation, Benchmarking, Climate change, Environment, Accreditation standard

Support available for homes struggling to afford energy bills

Posted by Emma Jones on 09/06/15 07:30

Fuel poverty has become an area of concern as energy prices are rising. Combined with the poorer quality of our homes in the UK, struggling to afford energy bills has become a worrying reality to many. However, help is available to those struggling to pay their energy bills.

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Topics: Fuel poverty, Energy, Bills, Energy efficiency

Sustainable Swan: our commitment to sustainability

Posted by Guest author on 27/05/15 12:08

At Swan, sustainability is about creating healthy, vibrant communities that meet the diverse needs of our residents, both now and in the future. Our commitment to sustainability means we strive to protect and enhance the environment, use natural resources wisely and build social cohesion.

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Topics: Registered Social Landlords, SHIFT, Sustainable Homes, Fuel poverty, SHIFT accredited organisation, Residents, Wellbeing

50% of animals lost – what the housing sector can do about it

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 21/05/15 16:15

Recently the WWF reported that the world’s animal population has halved in forty years. The findings, part of a study called the Living Planet Index, took some of the world’s leading scientists two years to develop.

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Topics: Housing Associations, Ecology, Housing, Home Quality Mark

What does the new Government mean for sustainable homes and construction?

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 15/05/15 17:01

With a Conservative majority in Government and the key posts confirmed, it is worth taking a moment to consider the implications.

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Topics: Retrofit, Renewable energy & heating, Zero carbon, Regulations, Climate change, Government

BIM what is it and how it’ll change how you build

Posted by Guest author on 15/05/15 14:53

Tom Jarman, Environmental Sustainability Co-ordinator at SHIFT member Your Homes Newcastle, looks for the substance behind the hype – and how it could be used to build more sustainable homes.

I first heard about BIM – Building Information Modelling – by accident, about 2 years ago. I was at an exhibition in Newcastle, at a local religious centre (St James Park) and attended a talk about BIM simply because I was there. And I was hooked.

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Topics: Social housing, New build, MMC

New Secretary of State for Environment and Climate Change, RT Honourable Amber Rudd

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 12/05/15 12:33

It has been announced today that Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, has been appointed as the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

We are delighted that Amber has been appointed as the Secretary of State for DECC and wish her well in her new role. We look forward to meeting Amber at the earliest opportunity to discuss our future plans and strengthening the Government / Industry partnership for a better future for our industry.

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Topics: Fuel poverty, Climate change, Carbon emissions, Housing, Government

New website helps vulnerable communities adapt to climate change

Posted by Emma Jones on 06/05/15 07:30

Climate change is recognised is disproportionately affecting vulnerable communities.

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Topics: Fuel poverty, Overheating, Flooding, Climate change

Election 2015: Main parties' housing policies

Posted by Guest author on 04/05/15 08:00

Something to look at before you vote! The main parties' policies on housing

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Topics: Social housing, New build, Housing, Government

'THE REVIEW' details the achievements and progress of the social housing sector on key environmental performance metrics. Download the report below 

Sustainable Homes, The Review, UK social landlords environmental performance, environmental benchmarking

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