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Mears SHIFTs up a gear in its sustainability drive

Mears plc

Mears Group, the UK’s leading provider of domiciliary care and social housing repair and maintenance, has signed up as a principle sponsor of nationwide sustainability initiative, SHIFT.


VPhase makes major SHIFT

VPhase logo

VPhase plc (AIM: VPHA), a leading developer of energy saving products for residential and commercial properties, has signed up as principle sponsor of nationwide sustainability initiative, SHIFT.


Higher sales values to come for green homes

improving the energy efficiency of the home

New official guidance, to be launched in summer 2011, will make sustainability features a core consideration in the valuation of homes. This may have real benefits for house builders, landlords and homeowners wondering how to finance green measures for homes.


Being excellent at energy efficiency

Silver SHIFT award

Riverside was delighted to pick up the Energy Efficiency Award at this year’s Housing Excellence Awards. Following on from our 2010/11 silver award with Sustainable Homes index For Tomorrow (SHIFT), the award was in many ways shows the culmination of years of work, bringing together our people and property based strategies to make sure we truly deliver what we promise on sustainability.


Government announced fresh details of Green Deal funding…are you ready for it?

green deal

The Green Deal is a big deal. It is the central plank of Government policy to reduce carbon emissions from homes – and it is looking increasingly viable and imminent. In June we are running two events with the Energy Saving Trust and SHIFT members to help RSLs and LAs prepare.


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