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Ofgem reports surging uptake of Feed-in tariffs

chart showing renewables by region

Figures released by OFGEM at the end of 2010 show a considerable increase in FITs take up over the second quarter of the new scheme introduced in April 2010.


What's the Big Deal with the Green Deal

green newbuild house

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has asked Government to sweeten the deal and provide more information to businesses and customers on the Green Deal if it has any hopes of success.


Sustainable Homes speaking at Ecobuild

sustainable homes team

We will be at Ecobuild from Tuesday 1st March to Thursday 3rd March on stand N1614. In addition we will be speaking on Feed In Tariffs and judging on Innovations in New Technologies at the Dragons Den.


Residents and climate change - leading from the front

smart meter

As the country seeks to reduce carbon emissions, it is hard not to see that a significant proportion of CO2 comes from the way people use homes.


Do Corporate Boards want to know about climate change? You betcha.

board sustainability master class

Last week I worked through climate change issues in a Board Sustainability Master Class. It was interesting to talk through the implications for a large company that builds and maintains homes.


Sustainability case studies - Silver SHIFT winners Octavia Housing

octavia housing

Benchmarking sustainability


Resident energy efficiency measures - maybe meet your neighbour too

Rachel Walls

Many people have been talking about energy efficiency, Passivhaus standards and other elements. We are really excited to be assisting real householders realise savings.


Secretary of State for Environment announces review of Feed-in Tariffs

feed in tariffs

The Secretary of State for Environment noted that since the Feed in Tariff scheme began last year more than 21,000 installations have registered to date and commented that the scheme is working well.


HCA launch SHIFT sustainability benchmark results

SHIFT member performance

Housing groups recognised for action on sustainability


How to prepare for the Green Deal and FITs?

energy efficienccy improvements

Details of the Green Deal are being thrashed out in committee rooms throughout the land. Stay tuned for updates on progress. As we’ve discussed on previous articles, the Green Deal will be a loan for energy efficiency improvements based on a "Golden Rule" that the energy cost savings will exceed the cost of repayment.  The deal is timetabled to come into effect in 2012 and is predicted to open a substantial financial opportunity as the launch of the promised Green Economy.


Ministers suggest Green Deal for new homes

new builds

This month has started off with a bang concerning the Green Deal. Details are under discussion – and the devil is in the detail – but we are getting hints as to how the government sees the Green Deal developing. And one thing is certain – they are serious and have huge hopes.


Will we overheat? Are we safe from flooding?

Code for Sustainable Homes

In a previous blog we discussed whether we will have enough water in the UK to cope with projected water scarcity due to climate change. This blog will talk about the other projected effects namely, overheating and flooding a subject also covered in our SHIFT benchmarking service.


Have we got enough water?

water efficiency 2

Whilst helping a social housing client prepare their sustainability strategy, the topic of adaptation to climate change came up. The key issues for the UK are projected to be overheating, flooding and water scarcity. Overheating and flooding are covered in another blog, but this one will deal with water scarcity.


Resident engagement and energy efficiency training begins

Rachel Walls

We are pleased to be starting a resident engagement training exercise starting today.


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