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Green sky thinking: building a more durable case for quality homes

PIC: Considerations when designing an area based retrofit scheme

To many – not least the people that get to live in them – the case for homes that are more sustainable is self-evident. Like it or not, however, these things cost money, and sometimes the ‘payback’ period through lower bills is not immediate. So how do you quantify the value that everyone knows is there?


What retrofit means: better lives


With all the talk of standards, policies and insulation, it is sometimes easy to forget what sustainable homes actually mean for the people living in them, lower bills, certainly, but more importantly a higher quality of life.


Housing association reduces energy bills by £750 per home

Terraced house gets green makeover

On one of our SHIFT visits to Sanctuary Housing we had the opportunity to view a recently refurbished home. It was the first home refurbished as part of Sanctuary’s forward thinking ambition to ensure that all their homes achieve carbon reduction levels that align with the UK’s commitment.


Sustainable Homes participates in leading social housing event

SH event

Sustainable Homes is proud to announce its participation in the National Housing Federation’s Annual Conference and Social Housing Exhibition 2014.


Rochdale Boroughwide Housing joins national sustainability group

Rochdale Boroughwide housing PR photo

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, the UK’s first housing society co-owned by tenants and employees, has joined a leading benchmarking initiative to measure its environmental performance.


Renewable energy: Should PV panels have more architectural appeal?

Photovoltaics, Catalyst Housing, SHIFT member

Richard Lupo, Senior Sustainability Consultant at Sustainable Homes, is always looking for the latest innovation when it comes to sustainability in the built environment. Be it through talking with clients, searching the internet or while on his many bike rides and/or runs, Richard always has a story. Here Richard writes about his latest visual spot of a unique method of incorporating renewable energy technology in homes.


Experts gathered to share best practice: making offices & operations more sustainable

Andrew Eagles, Sustainable Homes, SHIFT Conference - offices + operations

Sustainable Homes held a useful conference on making offices and operations greener. The event was held in Farringdon, London on 15th July. SHIFT members came together to discuss how to reduce the environmental impacts of their offices and operations, learn from other members’ experiences and share best practice.


Most in depth study to date – findings of retrofitted homes revealed

Retrofit for the future

The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) funded the retrofit of over 100 homes across the UK, with an ambition of achieving an 80% reduction in the in-use CO2 emissions of each property. The properties were then monitored over a year. Sustainable Homes are not aware of any other project going to such detail on retrofitting homes. The findings of the latest report provide a blue print for the future of retrofitting in the UK.


Symphony Housing Group joins national sustainability group

Chairman of SHG blog

Symphony Housing Group – the largest social housing provider based solely in the North West - has joined a leading benchmarking initiative to measure its environmental performance. The leading sustainability benchmarking initiative, the Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT).


Carbon, water, flooding and more… the 2014 sustainability benchmark is here

Phil Thompson (Title) v2

There is a timeline for making our homes environmentally sustainable. The Climate Change Act 2008 calls for a 34% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2020.Housing and buildings account for over 44 percent of all our carbon emissions. As developers and managers of property housing associations and arms length management organisations have a key role in progressing toward this goal.  They manage around 4 million homes.


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