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Sustainable Homes Blog

Complete district heating survey for a chance to win a £50 M&S voucher

Posted by Guest Author on 27/07/16 07:30

Making up only 2% of the UK's heating demand, district and communal heating has the potential for great expansion, bringing with it a whole host of benefits. The government is promoting its expansion and development, and social landlords are in a key position to help with this growth.

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Topics: Heating, Fuel poverty, Government, research, Carbon

Quantifying the effects of climate change on wellbeing

Posted by Richard Lupo on 26/07/16 07:30

Perhaps one of the most important environmental impacts at the moment is that of carbon emissions. Would it be a good idea to be able to quantify how many people are affected per tonne of carbon emitted? Yes it would, because this can then be used in wellbeing accounting and then managed accordingly.

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Topics: Health and Wellbeing, Climate change, Environment, Carbon

How disruptive business models can reduce costs and improve homes

Posted by Arianna Sdei on 19/07/16 07:30

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) recently asked us to give opinions on how innovations in technology and business models can affect the social housing sector. They are looking to drive forward innovation in the sector.

One of the questions they asked was, “How can social housing regulation allow for the use of new technologies and disruptive business models?” Here’s how we answered:

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Topics: Regulations & Standards, Finance, research

Saving money and resources for landlords

Posted by Daniel Navarro on 18/07/16 07:30

Belts are being tightened across the housing sector. This does not have to come at the cost of service and sustainability. In fact, improving service and creating efficiencies can save social andlords time, money and resources.

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Topics: SHIFT accreditation standard, Offices & operations, Training and elearning, Carbon, Housing Sector

PRESS RELEASE : New research links energy efficient homes to savings for landlords

Posted by John Stapleton on 29/06/16 07:30

  • Potential for £2.4 million savings per year for social landlords identified
  • Costs from rent arrears and voids saved by efficient stock highlighted by new study involving 25 social landlords managing 500,000 homes
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Topics: Social housing, Fuel poverty, Energy efficiency, Finance, research

Committee on Climate Change urge Scotland to slash emissions by 60% in 13 years

Posted by Guest Author on 28/06/16 07:30

The Scottish Government should maintain its high ambition pathway towards greenhouse gas emissions reductions of at least 80% by 2050 compared to 1990 levels, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says today.

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Topics: Climate change, Carbon

PRESS RELEASE: Sustainable Homes & Hastoe win funding to harness ‘big data’ for the housing and construction market

Posted by Sustainable Homes on 23/06/16 07:30

  • Project by Sustainable Homes and Hastoe Housing gets go ahead from government innovation agency
  • Tool could help those building new homes and maintaining existing ones to make better business decisions

The government’s innovation agency, Innovate UK has awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) funding to help develop an analytical tool that will help social landlords harness ‘big data’ for decision making.   The tool will use data from multiple sources, such as build and land costs, housing need and market rates to enable decisions on where and what type of homes to build.  

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Topics: Funding, research

Fashionably late? Party walls join the fray for ECO measures as research reveals significant savings potential

Posted by John Stapleton on 21/06/16 07:30

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Topics: Retrofit, Insulation, Energy Performance, Bills, research, Carbon

Welsh Government in world first - Greening the dragon

Posted by Arianna Sdei on 14/06/16 07:30

The Welsh Wellbeing for Future Generation Act received royal assent in April 2015. The Act is an innovative piece of legislation that has the potential to lead the country, and the world, towards a sustainable future. The Act responds to issues of climate change, poverty, health, inequality and jobs and growth. It legislates on working differently and working together.

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Topics: Sustainability, Local authorities, Regulations & Standards

Your chance to shape leading research for the housing sector this winter!

Posted by Begum Bidik Nash on 09/06/16 07:30

Sustainable Homes carries out research into the areas that are of most value to the housing sector. Over the last few years, we have looked into the impact of feedback on residents’ energy use, the performance gap in existing homes and new builds, and the link between rent arrears and improved energy efficiency. We received great feedback and gained involvement from government, landlords and the supply chain.  Now is your chance to provide input on our next research proposals and submit your own idea for Sustainable Homes to take forward.

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Topics: Sustainable Homes, research, Housing Sector

Major findings from research on financial impacts of energy efficiency to be revealed at CIH 2016

Posted by Daniel Navarro on 07/06/16 07:30

When any organisation, including a landlord, is able to use its assets more efficiently this can make their business plans stronger and more resilient. Sustainable Homes wanted to explore the impacts that, unbeknownst to landlords, higher quality, and energy efficient properties might have on bottom lines. Anecdotal evidence suggested there may be a link. Analysis by Hastoe Group, for example, revealed that properties retrofitted to a high energy efficiency standard had, on average, half the rent arrears of others.

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Topics: Sustainable Homes, Value for money, Energy efficiency, Housing Sector

PRESS RELEASE | Sustainable Homes appoints Bevan Jones as new Managing Director

Posted by Sustainable Homes on 02/06/16 07:30

Sustainable Homes is delighted to announce the appointment of Bevan Jones as new Managing Director.

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Topics: Sustainable Homes, Housing Associations, Housing Sector

New build 10% cheaper, loads of % better – using BIM

Posted by Richard Lupo on 31/05/16 07:30

We’re told that when a bricklayer first walks onto a building site, the first thing he or she does is not lay any bricks.  They spend quite a bit of time working out exactly where the windows should be.  This is because they want to position them exactly such that there is a neat half brick / whole brick pattern around the window frame.  A very neat aim, but surely this is all on the architect’s drawing.  Well, apparently not.  Not, that is, unless the drawing is created under a Building Information Modelling (BIM) regime.  A BIM drawing would show bricklayers exactly where the windows should be to create the desired, neat effect.  This can save nearly a day of bricklayers’ time on site and serves as just one example of how BIM can cut costs on site.

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Topics: Sustainability, New build, Energy efficiency, BIM

New research finds nearly half of UK couples argue over the heating

Posted by Guest Author on 25/05/16 07:30


The weather is getting warmer, but that doesn’t mean we’re all switching our heating off just yet. The inevitable heating debates continue. Nearly half of couples argue over whether or not to touch the thermostat, according to a survey commissioned by heating and air conditioning specialist Andrews Sykes.

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Topics: Heating, Bills

New funding announced to support smart meter rollout

Posted by Guest Author on 18/05/16 07:30

A new fund launches today, open to applications from not-for-profit organisations who can help engage people and communities across Britain with information about how to get and use smart meters.

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Topics: Funding, Energy, Housing Sector

New research examines the link between rent arrears, voids, energy efficiency measures and cost savings for landlords. Download the report.

Touching the Voids - rent arrears, cost savings and energy efficiency


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