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Sustainable Homes Blog

SHIFT Awards 2015 - Recognising the social housing sector’s achievements

Posted by Guest Author on 08/10/15 08:00

This is a key time for the social housing sector. Shaped with the regulatory uncertainty and recent budget and funding cuts, the highest priority for the sector is to ensure it is prepared for the future.

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Topics: Social housing, Sustainability, SHIFT accreditation standard, SHIFT landlord, Benchmarking

Retuning the Green Machine

Posted by Guest Author on 06/10/15 07:30

The housing sector may have been diverted onto other issues at present, but a Sustainable Homes event 'Lean & Green', found that, despite recent announcements, landlords were improving energy efficiency by focusing on the positives, realising efficiencies that also happened to be green – rather than the other way around. Simon Brandon reports.

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Topics: Sustainability, Fuel poverty, National Energy Study, Housing Associations, Funding, Government, Finance

Authority announces up to £10,000 loans or grants for energy efficiency works

Posted by Daniel Navarro on 29/09/15 16:00

The mood music of recent months has struck an increasingly bum note. The Green Deal has been, to all intents and purposes, axed. So, no more loans for home improvements? It depends where you live.

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Topics: Local authorities, Funding, Housing, Finance

New EU boiler directive comes into force: all new systems required to display energy efficiency labels

Posted by Begum Bidik Nash on 25/09/15 10:48

New energy standards for home boilers entering into force this month are expected to take offline the equivalent of 47 Fukushima-type nuclear power stations in Europe by 2020, according to the European Environmental Bureau (EEB).

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Topics: Heating, Registered Social Landlords, Retrofit, Regulations & Standards, Energy, Government

Opportunity for involvement in national research on new build performance

Posted by Sustainable Homes on 23/09/15 07:00

There is increasing attention being paid to design versus as-built energy use. Some homes that were built to higher standards were tested and found not to be delivering the energy performance that had been specified – sometimes significantly underperforming. Understanding the reasons behind this ‘performance gap’ is vital to ensuring that new build homes are warmer, more comfortable to live in and cheaper to run.

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Topics: National Energy Study, New build, Performance gap

Retrofit and ventilation – storing up health problems down the line?

Posted by Guest Author on 18/09/15 07:00

I’m sure we can all think of a time when we have lived or stayed in a cold house. The memory of stiff limbs and visible breath can leave few people in doubt that living in a cold home can have serious impacts on the health of residents. Understandably, there have been growing calls to improve the energy efficiency and air-tightness of our homes to prevent heat loss and improve the quality of our homes. This is fantastic, but what about the risks associated with the warm, damp homes that this process could produce? There is a growing body of evidence linking homes with higher SAP values to increased instances of asthma.

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Topics: Retrofit, Health, SHIFT partner, Wellbeing, Energy efficiency

Northwards – leading the way on environmental performance

Posted by Sustainable Homes on 15/09/15 10:15

Northward Housing Group are now accredited as one of the top six most sustainable landlords in the country.   We asked them what process they went through to get there, which areas they focused on, and what were some of the challenges.  The following is a summary.  We thought that might be of interest.

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Topics: SHIFT accreditation standard, SHIFT landlord, Energy Performance

New training launched - elearning on fuel poverty, asset management, energy efficiency, more

Posted by Sustainable Homes on 11/09/15 09:24

We are often asked how can we help my team or department understand fuel poverty.

Over the last year we have spent time and energy developing short 25 minute elearning modules on identifying fuel poverty, steps to take to reduce it, asset management, renewable, operational efficiency, sustainability and other issues. Costs are as low as £4 per person. See following a short summary of the training you can take from the comfort of your own desk...

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Topics: Fuel poverty, Housing Associations, Training and elearning

King for a day - how I would ensure our homes were fit for the future

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 08/09/15 07:30

After much bloodshed, it is an honour to be crowned as the king of this green and pleasant land. Under my watch, our nation will become more green and more pleasant, overcoming the long, cold winter of inefficient homes. I will take a pair of sharp scissors to the instruction to ‘cut the ‘green crap’, that one of my subjects, who will remain nameless, is alleged to have said. My programme of action for these 24 hours is ambitious, and if it proves popular I respectfully suggest Prince Charles can wait a bit longer.

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Topics: Retrofit, Sustainable Homes, Funding, Regulations & Standards, Bills, Housing, Finance

What is the energy consumption in European homes?

Posted by Guest Author on 03/09/15 07:30

Have you ever wondered what the energy consumption is in homes across Europe?

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Topics: Energy Performance, Carbon emissions, Housing, Energy efficiency

Value for money can save you money

Posted by Richard Lupo on 01/09/15 07:30

Recent policy announcements have hit housing associations hard. Funding for energy efficiency projects is less certain and revenue from rents will be limited in future. As a result, ensuring every penny spent is doing as much as it can is of all the more importance.

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Green landlords saving tens of thousands and improving efficiencies

Posted by John Stapleton on 27/08/15 10:51

Is the proposition that you can reduce costs whilst becoming accredited with SHIFT and driving sustainability outlandish? We don’t think so – and here are some examples:

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Topics: Registered Social Landlords, Sustainability, SHIFT accreditation standard, Housing Associations

Top tips for impressing colleagues

Posted by Guest Author on 27/08/15 07:00

It is the end of August, you may have been on holiday.  When you come back you want to make an impact.  You want to look dynamic, decisive and intelligent.

We’ve gathered up some top insight on how you can make that massive impact in those August and September meetings.  What do you think?  Read More

Topics: Behaviour change

Energy efficiency, arrears and business plans - Opportunity to be involved in research

Posted by Sustainable Homes on 24/08/15 10:03

There is much anecdotal evidence that living in a more energy efficient home leads to fewer tenants going in to arrears, but little concrete evidence.  A new study is setting out to solve this.

Image courtesy of Rockwool
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Topics: Registered Social Landlords, Retrofit, Housing Associations, Residents, Energy efficiency, Finance

Urban heat island - what is it, how does it create overheating and how can greenery help?

Posted by Richard Lupo on 18/08/15 07:30

Parks and greenery in built up areas can reduce overheating by 1oC. And people’s actual reception of comfort from parks and greenery equates to nearly 2oC cooling. That is the finding from a recent review paper in Building and Environment scientific journal.[1]

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Topics: Overheating, Flooding, Ecology, Climate change, Wellbeing

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